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yes hi hello so i have noticed a lot of people are sad lately, and that’s no good at all. but the worst thing about being sad is not wanting to do anything and not knowing what to do to feel happy again? so here’s a masterpost of things for when you’re sad or just want to be cheered up.

(list of things under the cut: things to do when you’re sad, things to do when you’re sad cont., things to invest in when you’re sad, a list of movies, songs, shows and websites to make you feel better when you’re not feeling your finest)

things for when you are sad

  1. what to do when you’re sad (here)
  2. playlist to listen to (here)
  3. shows to watch (here
  4. movies to watch (here
  5. websites to visit (here)

things to do when you’re sad (cont.)

  1. watch some feel good movies (here)
  2. listen to some feel good songs (here)
  3. watch shows that don’t take a lot of effort to enjoy (here)
  4. watch your favourite videos on youtube
  5. fill in colouring books/pages
  6. draw or paint; the feel of the brush/pen on paper is calming 
  7. write stories or journal entries or even just ramblings into a book, letting things out can help a lot even if you feel a bit silly about it

things to invest in for when you’re sad

  1. canvases (can be bought in opp shops and cheap shops for a few dollars, and craft shops though they are more expensive there)
  2. paint brushes and paint (can also be found in cheap shops and craft stores)
  3. colouring books and pencils (can be calming to feel the pen against paper)
  4. notebooks (multiple is better, having different notebooks for different things (i.e. one for stories, one for journaling, one for drawing, one for ramblings) with multiple covers)
  5. a stress ball (can be made (tutorial here) if you want something more personalised) 
  6. a snow globe (if you’re feeling super stressed or anxious, shake it up and watch all the pieces fall to the bottom; repeat if necessary)
  7. knitting needles and yarn (learning how to knit is a good way to calm yourself down, you can spend ages making scarves and not realise just how long you spent doing so)
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